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As a new tech startup Founder who has no relationship with any VC or tech companies, how can I attract seed investors, and which ones should I go for?

An effective way to begin is to get acquainted with your regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. Your regional ecosystem likely provides numerous opportunities to participate, network and become acquainted with other entrepreneurs and investors in your region.

Examples of such opportunities are included in FundingSage’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Spotlights,  and include opportunities such as entrepreneurial meetups and events, startup competitions, co-working and makerspaces, incubators and accelerators, and colleges and universities programs.

Why Your Executive Summary is Headed for the Trash!

Angel and venture capital investors may receive hundreds or even thousands of executive summaries each year. With their time being limited and the competition for their attention intense, it is extremely important that the entrepreneur provide executive summaries that “Wow!”


Why Startup Investors Hate Debt

There are a variety of reasons for this reaction from investors:4 Reasons Why Startup Investors View Debt As A Mortal Sin! To avoid the purgatory of being non fundable, entrepreneurs should consider the investor’s view and structure their balance sheet in an “investor friendly” manner before submitting an executive summary and financials to startup investors for consideration.