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Preparing the due diligence package is no longer a separate, sequential item. Once the major items related to the startups stage of development are completed, the due diligence package is ready for the investor.

TurboFunder is a startup platform upon which resides a comprehensive complex of information, resources and tools that was designed specifically to support the entrepreneur’s effort to create an investable startup. 

We recognize that no individual, group of individuals or company can possess the comprehensive breadth of knowledge, experience or expertise in the many entrepreneurial functions required to start, build and grow a successful company from scratch.  As a result, our startup platform is agnostic in its approach to providing this complex set of information, resources and tools.  We seek to find and share with the entrepreneur the best of each, currently available in the marketplace, regardless of origin or source.

TurboFunderEstablishing and growing a Startup

The entrepreneur faces the need of having to complete literally dozens of tasks to build the company and prepare it for funding. 

TurboFunder’s structure helps focus the entrepreneur on areas related to their current stage of startup development, providing  the information and tools to successfully develop the startup into an investable company.  Once completed, the daily processes and task outputs required of the entrepreneur are organized in a logically structured package enabling the entrepreneur to be fully prepared for the due diligence stage of the financing effort.

Concept Stage Startups:  Investor Due Diligence List

TurboFunder provides a convenient, organized structure

Output items from the entrepreneur’s daily efforts that can be saved for future reference include (but is not limited to):

  • Filing of Articles of Organization with the state.
  • Establishing an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the IRS.
  • Conceptualizing the product or service.
  • Hiring the team and documenting employee agreements.
  • Establishing sales processes or developing company milestones.

This structure not only provides ready access for the entrepreneur as they develop their startup, but enable the entrepreneur to be fully prepared to pursue funding from investors.

TurboFunder acts as an available E-consultant

Entrepreneurs will need to develop a process to accomplish or complete a task related to the development of their company. 

For instance, let’s assume that the entrepreneur is working to develop the startup’s “Go To Market” strategy. Specifically, let’s assume they are working on the processes around structuring their internet site in support of their potential sales funnel.  Accessing the platform provides the entrepreneur with information related to the sales funnel. It then provides useful links on the subject including blog articles, SlideShare presentations and YouTube videos from a variety of sources in order to provide the entrepreneur a comprehensive understanding of sales funnels.

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TurboFunder provides free tools such as document templates

Once the entrepreneurStartup Platform is comfortable with the subject matter, they are provided tool options from various sources. In many cases this enables them to work through the process and document the output. The output can then be uploaded to TurboFunder’s cloud based filing system for future internal reference or for use in the funding and due diligence effort.

The platform is elegant in that it creates the outputs required for funding and due diligence of an investable company simultaneously to the daily efforts to build the business.  Preparing the due diligence package is no longer a separate, sequential item.  Once the major items related to the startups stage of development are completed and documented, the due diligence package is ready for the investor.

This startup platform enables the entrepreneur to focus on the tasks required to establish, build and grow their concept into a viable, investable entity.

It eliminates valuable wasted time by providing the entrepreneur the information, resources and tools they need at their fingertips.  Finally, it provides a logically structured “investor ready” due diligence package, easing the efforts related to obtaining that sometimes elusive investment they require to take their company to the next level.

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Tony Lettich

Tony Lettich has previous corporate venture capital experience and currently serves as Managing Director of The Angel Roundtable. He is a co-founder of FundingSage, which provides valuable information, tools and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow and fund a business.