Startup Funding – The 4 Types of Players [Infographic]


Startup capital can come from various types of investors. Here are 4 types you may encounter and some tips on how to deal with each of them.

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Know What You Want? Here’s How to Get It.

First, it’s important to understand that there are more funding options available outside of the 4 mentioned above. Here are 8 types of funding sources that take into account options outside of traditional investing. Identifying what form of capital an entrepreneur wants is easy. Obtaining the capital, on the other hand, is tricky. Accelerators, mentors, and advisory boards are excellent methods to increase your chances of receiving funding. They guide entrepreneurs through the funding life cycle, offer expertise and advice, and open up opportunities to grow their professional network.

With some methods, an entrepreneur will have difficulties obtaining funding without a solid pitch. Read more about How to Improve Your Pitch here.

Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox is a seasoned international traveler and Digital Marketing Specialist at Intellithought. She executes social media and marketing strategies for Funding Sage, which provides valuable information, tools, and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow and fund a business.