Rebecca Cox

A 2016 BA graduate of East Tennessee State University, Rebecca Cox focused her studies on Graphic Design and the French Language. She spent a summer studying French Classicism in Contemporary France in Paris, where she learned how classic social constructs, formalities, and culture have translated into modern day France.

Already and international traveler before she could learn to walk, Rebecca has traveled over much of Western Europe. Her family originates in Belgium, and it was during a summer vacation in Brussels where she was exposed to the marketing and advertising side of the art community. Returning to the States, she picked up Graphic Design at ETSU and began to do digital marketing freelancing work for various small businesses.

Rebecca currently designs and executes social media and digital marketing strategies through her position as Digital Marketing Specialist.

Edwin Williams

Edwin has had a passion for entrepreneurship since high school and always participated in entrepreneurial events as they were offered. However, his entrepreneurial journey didn’t start until he lived in St. Louis, MO where he started his first company. Prior to founding his first company, he studied biology and mechanical engineering.

Edwin subsequently moved back to Johnson City, TN where he founded his current company Perserbid.  He is the president of the company and he is also very active in the community as a member of Young Professionals of Tri-Cities and the Tri-Cities Diversity Initiative. Edwin also actively promotes entrepreneurship in the area with other local entrepreneurs, with the goal of developing a robust entrepreneurial community in NE Tennessee.