What does it take to become an entrepreneur?

There are several key attributes I find common to successful entrepreneurs.
1. They must be enthusiastic; if they lack passion, so will their teams and partners. Successful entrepreneurs focus their passion to accomplish their goals.
2. They are capable of assessing, managing and dealing with risk.
3. They possess self confidence. The entrepreneur must have a firm understanding of themselves and be confident in their own ability to execute.
4. The ability to develop and focus on their strategic vision is fundamental. As such, focused vision is paramount.
5. Successful Founders have the ability to assess talent and lead others. Scalable startups are not possible without diverse, passionate, highly skilled, and motivated teams.
6. They constantly seek improvement; better ways of doing things. They do not hesitate to operate “out of the box”.
7. Most startups morph over time. Entrepreneurs must be customer focused and flexible to adjust to the needs of the market, and finally;
8. The typical successful entrepreneur is someone who refuses to give up, despite the constant avalanche of hardships they will face.

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