Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Register

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Register

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Register is a curated listing of various cities and their entrepreneurial resources from around the world.

The register includes entrepreneurial ecosystems from around the globe. It is an evergreen catalogue we are maintaining for those interested in entrepreneurship within specific cities. Resources found within these ecosystems include: Entrepreneur Meetups, Entrepreneurial Events, Startup Competitions, Co-working Spaces, a Makerspace, Incubators, Accelerators, Angel Groups/ VCs, and Newsletter Coverage. This listing includes an overview of each city, their location and rating, as well as a link to the original article with more detailed information. Listings are in alphabetical order, with new additions on a continuing basis.


Augusta, GA

Ecosystem Spotlight: Augusta

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Rating: #8 Top city for startups (source, WalletHub)

Overview: Augusta scores high as a result of its affordable real estate, low corporate taxes and low average incomes. Well known for the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, Augusta is developing a strong entrepreneurial reputation.


Austin Entrepreneural EcosystemEcosystem Spotlight: Austin

Location: Austin, Texas

Rating: #8 Top City to Start a Business (source, WalletHub)

Overview: Austin, TX serves as the Lone Star State’s capital and was named by the U.S. News & World Report as the nation’s best place to live in 2017. Home to major music and cultural festivals like Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, Austin has declared itself the “Live Music Capital of the World”.


CharlotteEcosystem Spotlight: Charlotte

Location:Charlotte, NC

Rating: #3  best large cities to start a business (source, Wallethub)

Overview: Charlotte, NC is the largest city in the state of North Carolina. Known as the Queen City, it also earned the nickname “The Hornet’s Nest” during the Revolutionary War. The city is also one of the nation’s best for entrepreneurs: in 2017, Charlotte ranked #3 on WalletHub’s list of the best large cities to start a business and on CNBC’s list of the 15 best cities in America to start a business.


Chattanooga,TNEcosystem Spotlight: Chattanooga

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Rating: #4 Top City for startups, #2 for Access to Resources (source, WalletHub)

Overview: Chattanooga, once known as one of America’s dirtiest cities, has built a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is the first city in the western hemisphere to have gigabit-speed internet service and has rebranded itself as the “Gig City”.


CincinnatiEcosystem Spotlight: Cincinnati

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Rating:  Best Place in America to Start a Startup (source: Forbes)

Overview: Cincinnati, OH sits on the bank of the Ohio River and is the third-largest city in the state. Both the state of Ohio and the city of Cincinnati are among the country’s best places for young entrepreneurs.


Columbia, SCEcosystem Spotlight: Columbia

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Rating: #2 out of Top 10 Cities with Lowest Startup Costs (source, smartasset.com)

Overview: Columbia, also known as Cola Town, is also the home of the University of South Carolina, which was formed in 1801. It is the home of Fort Jackson, the country’s largest Army base providing basic combat training.


HoustonEcosystem Spotlight: Houston

Location: Houston, TX

Rating: #1 Best City in the nation for minority entrepreneurs ( source, Expert Market )

Overview: Houston, TX, named after former Republic of Texas president Sam Houston, is the state’s largest city and the nation’s fourth-largest. Home to NASA’s Mission Control Center, the “Space City” holds the 18th spot on NerdWallet’s 2017 list of the best large cities in which to start a business. In addition, Expert Market named Houston the best city in the nation for minority entrepreneurs.


Knoxville, TNEcosystem Spotlight: Knoxville

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Rating: #4 out of Top 10 Cities with Lowest Startup Costs (source, smartasset.com)

Overview: Knoxville, TN, also known as K-Town and the Heart of the Valley, is the third largest city in the state of Tennessee. It is also the home of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the University of Tennessee, which was formed in 1794 as Blount College, and is known as one of the gateways to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The city is located between the Great Smoky Mountains to the east and the Cumberland Plateau to the west.


Memphis,TNEcosystem Spotlight: Memphis

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

Rating: #4 in the US as one of 2016’s Best Cities for Women-Owned Businesses, and #7 Top City for Startups (source, WalletHub)

Overview: Memphis, Tennessee’s largest city and the third largest in the southeastern United States, is located in the southwestern corner of the Tennessee. Known as the Barbecued Pork Capital of the World and considered the Home of the Blues and Birthplace of Rock and Roll, Memphis has developed a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.


PortlandEcosystem Spotlight: Portland

Location: Portland, OR

Rating: #7 Top Places to Launch a Startup (source: Huffington Post)

Overview: Portland, OR is the state’s largest city and is known as the “City of Roses,” because the local climate is perfect for growing the flower. According to Forbes, the area is locally known as “Silicon Forest” because their technology community is growing even faster than Silicon Valley’s.


Salt Lake City, UTEcosystem Spotlight: Salt Lake City

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Rating: #12 Best City to Found a Startup (source: Datafox)

Overview: Salt lake City is the capital of Utah and its most populous city. The region is known for its outdoor recreational prowess as a ski location and host of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Historically known as the “Crossroads of the West” due to its railroads, mining and heavy industry, it is now gaining acclaim as an entrepreneurial hot-spot.

San Diego

Ecosystem Spotlight: San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Rating: #23 Best City for Young Professionals (source: Forbes)

Overview: San Diego is the second-largest city in California and the eighth-largest in the country. Thanks to a wonderful climate and beautiful sights, San Diego has earned the nickname, “America’s Finest City.”


Tampa, FLEcosystem Spotlight: Tampa

Location: Tampa, Florida

Rating: #23 Best City to Start a Business (source: Wallethub)

Overview:Tampa, FL is Florida’s third most-populous city. Its nickname “The Big Guava” was coined in the 1970s after Tampa Tribune columnist Steve Otto created the phrase as a reference to New York City’s famous nickname with a Sunshine State twist. In addition, the metropolitan area of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater, was ranked the nation’s 18th-most active metropolitan area in terms of startup activity by the Kauffman Foundation’s Kauffman Index.


Tri-Cities EcosystemEcosystem Spotlight: Tri-Cities, TN/VA

Location: Bristol, Tennessee / Virginia, Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennessee.

Rating: #14 Best Small Places for Business and Careers (source: Forbes)

Overview: Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of Upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, the Tri-Cities is a Combined Statistical Area of more than 500,000 residents. The area is also the home of Davy Crockett, the “Lost State of Franklin” and the Bristol Motor Speedway. The attributes of affordable housing and below average utility, transportation and healthcare costs are shared by each of the communities across the Tri-Cities.


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