Entrepreneur Dictionary for Startups

The entrepreneur dictionary for startups contains terms and definitions commonly used by entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, and others who interact with startup ventures and startup financing.
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UI -  User Interface
UI Designer -  A designer in the tech world who has a principal focus on how the product is laid out.6
- Synonyms: User Interface Designer
ULPA -  Uniform Limited Partnership Act
Underwriter -  An investment banking firm leading the float of a public issue, with the commitment and willingness to take the securities being offered into its own book should the distribution fail. 6
Underwritten Offering -  Registered offering that is sold through a consortium of investment banks assembled by one or more lead investment banks.3
Unicorn -  In the startup world, a unicorn is a company with a valuation in excess of $1 Billion. These startups are statistically rare.6
Uniform Limited Partnership Act - 

Uniform Limited Partnership Act, see also the RULPA, Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act U.L.P.A. § 101 et seq. (1976), as amended in 1985 (R.U.L.P.A.).3

Unique Visitor -  A web analytics term related to the individual that visits an internet website  at least one time during a specified reporting period.6
- Synonyms: UV
Unit Offering -  Private or public offering of securities in groups of more than one security. Most often a share of stock and warrant to purchase some number of shares of stock, but could be two shares of stock, a note and a share of stock, etc. Also used in some cases to refer to the sale of LP and LLC interests, since those interests are composed of more than one right.3
Universal Resource Locator - 

A protocol for delineating addresses on the internet.6

Up-round -  When the valuation of a company at the time of an investment round is higher than its valuation at the conclusion of the previous round.7
URL -  Universal Resource Locator.
User -  An individual or enterprise that utilizes a product or service.  Such use can be on a paid or unpaid basis.6
USPTO -  United States Patent & Trademark office
UV -  Unique Visitor
UX -  User Experience
UX Designer -  A designer in the tech world who has a principal focus on how the product feels.6
- Synonyms: User Experience Designer


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