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prudent risk vs gambling

“All-in” – Prudent Risk vs. Gambling

Greek historian Herodotus once said, “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risk.” The great company you are building will not come easy. It may require you to go “all in” (and take a prudent risk) to make it work. But what does that mean and when do you undertake such a risky action?

Artistic Due Diligence

The Artistic Side of Due Diligence

The greatest hurdle to getting startup funding is providing the Investor with the information that illuminates your company and shows the details of why you are “investable.” That is the process of creating a world class Due Diligence package.

Entrepreneur Phrases

10 Quotes Entrepreneurs Live By

To be an entrepreneur is to be challenged everyday. Often times, you will be pushed to your limits, but the payoff can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. To help you through the entrepreneurial journey, here are 10 quotes all entrepreneurs should live by.