Anthony R. Lettich (Tony)

Tony Lettich
In addition to serving as Co-founder, President & CEO of FundingSage, Tony is active in the investment arena, serving as Chairman of the Board, Carrier, Maurice & Webb, Wealth Advisors, and Managing Director of The Angel Roundtable, an angel network which provides investment capital, strategic advice and mentoring to late seed and early-stage companies. In addition, he currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of Angel Syndicates Central, a Member of the ETSU Intellectual Property Advisory Committee, and a Mentor for the AccelNow business accelerator. He is also a partner of Sheehan, Lettich, M&A Advisors.
Tony has an extensive background in Private Equity Investing, Mergers & Acquisitions, (M&A) and Finance. He served as Director, Business Development for Eastman Ventures, a Corporate Venture Capital firm which experienced two IPOs from his tenure.  He also served as Vice President & CFO of CP Kelco, overseeing the company’s global financial operations from July 2007–July 2009. Prior to CP Kelco, he served as Director, Corporate Financial Analysis & Group Business Controller, Developing Businesses at Eastman Chemical Company.  Other roles included positions within Eastman’s M&A and Licensing groups.

Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox is a seasoned international traveler and Digital Marketing Specialist at Intellithought. She executes social media and marketing strategies for Funding Sage, which provides valuable information, tools, and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow and fund a business.