Acronyms for Startups

Here is a listing of  startup acronyms commonly used by entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, and others who interact with startup ventures and startup financing:

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QA -  Quality Assurance
QoQ -  Quarter over Quarter
QPAM -  Qualified Professional Asset Manager
QPAM -  Qualified professional asset manager as defined by ERISA.3
- Synonyms: Qualified Professional Asset Manager
Qualified Purchaser -  An individual with more than $5 Million in investments.7
Quarter over Quarter -  A financial comparison which examines a specified performance factor for a specified quarter with the same performance factor for the previous quarter.  Quarter over Quarter comparisons can can be direct comparing the actual performance factors, or differences between the factors in either absolute or percentage terms.6
- Synonyms: QoQ
Quora -  A leading question-and-answer website where many industry experts in early stage investing answer questions.7