7 Signs of a Failing Company [Infographic]

Failing Company

Every business fluctuates through good and bad periods, but when should you signal an SOS? Understanding the characteristics of a failing company could save your business from sinking.

Failing companies happen every single day.

Iconic brands such as Quiznos, JC Penney, and Abercrombie & Fitch are all examples of how giants are not immune to becoming a failing company. Great companies will fall to the wayside due to poor management, lack of customer understanding, and unsuccessful execution.

Could the companies have avoided their downward spirals?


A major problem for many Corporate giants is that in this day in age it’s never been easier to be an entrepreneur. The average person has a better chance than ever to have their idea turn into a business. This is creating competition for a large portion of corporate companies. Interested in becoming an Entrepreneur? Learn how to start a company.

Although starting a business has never been easier, running a company is no walk in the park. There are multiple aspects that affect and ultimately cultivate a successful company. Evaluating the market, understanding your demographic, creating a strategy, selling your product and managing your resources are just a few essentials of every business. However, without an effective team to manage these aspects, your company will never grow or will ultimately fail.

Is your company on a downward spiral? Read on to learn more.



Rebecca Cox

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