Venture Capital

4 Initial Steps in Targeting Venture Capital Investment

The process of obtaining investment funding from Venture Capital Firms, (VCs) is typically difficult and time consuming for the entrepreneur. There are hundreds of VCs and each focus on different criteria. As a result, a targeted approach by the entrepreneur may be appropriate.

Artistic Due Diligence

The Artistic Side of Due Diligence

The greatest hurdle to getting startup funding is providing the Investor with the information that illuminates your company and shows the details of why you are “investable.” That is the process of creating a world class Due Diligence package.

email investors

How To Email Investors

If you’re not included in an investor’s network and have never met them in person, face it – you’re a cold contact. How can you prevent your pitch from being condemned to the trash? Review this guideline before you email investors.

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