New York

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Spotlight: New York, NY

New York is a city by many names – The Big Apple, The Concrete Jungle, The City That Never Sleeps, and many more monikers. Not only is it the largest metropolitan area in the United States, it’s also known as the #1 city for female entrepreneurs and the #7 best city for startup activity.

email investors

How To Email Investors

If you’re not included in an investor’s network and have never met them in person, face it – you’re a cold contact. How can you prevent your pitch from being condemned to the trash? Review this guideline before you email investors.

prudent risk vs gambling

“All-in” – Prudent Risk vs. Gambling

Greek historian Herodotus once said, “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risk.” The great company you are building will not come easy. It may require you to go “all in” (and take a prudent risk) to make it work. But what does that mean and when do you undertake such a risky action?


Business Startup Spotlight: Cowtribe Technology, Ltd.

In Africa, smallholder farmers lose over a million farm animals worth over four billions of dollars to endemic livestock diseases that could be prevented with vaccines. Cowtribe has developed a platform that allows farmers to subscribe to livestock vaccines and get it delivered to them by qualified veterinarians.

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