Kill Your Company

3 Ways to Kill your Company

There are many ways for a startup to fail. Some factors, like regulatory changes or input cost increases, are beyond the founder’s control. However, there are three significant actions that entrepreneurs are often guilty of that can kill your company as fast as anything.

8 Ingredients for a Business Secret Sauce

Like a master chef preparing a sumptuous feast, every entrepreneur needs to know the right “ingredients” to make his or her business turn out just right.  Here are the 8 ingredients for a business secret sauce:


Why Startup Investors Hate Debt

Avoid the purgatory of being non-fundable. Find out the investor’s view and structure of their balance sheet in an “investor friendly” manner before submitting an executive summary to startup investors.

Corporate Venture Capital Building

What is Corporate Venture Capital?

The entrepreneur seeking investment should recognize the advantages of obtaining such an investment. However, the endeavor needs entrepreneurs to have a strong understanding of their objectives, opportunities, strategy, and fit with potential corporate partners.

newtons law

Business Tips: Newton’s 3 Laws at Work

We often think of business as a special function. In reality, it operates in much the same way normal things around us do. In fact, the concepts behind Newton’s Three Laws of Motion are as applicable to business tips as they are to physics.

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