prudent risk vs gambling

“All-in” – Prudent Risk vs. Gambling

Greek historian Herodotus once said, “Great deeds are usually wrought at great risk.” The great company you are building will not come easy. It may require you to go “all in” (and take a prudent risk) to make it work. But what does that mean and when do you undertake such a risky action?

Why Your Executive Summary is Headed for the Trash!

Angel and venture capital investors may receive hundreds or even thousands of executive summaries each year. With their time being limited and the competition for their attention intense, it is extremely important that the entrepreneur provide executive summaries that “Wow!”

which accelerator

Which Accelerator Should My Startup Apply to Attend?

The startup with attributes that best fit a particular accelerator’s established criteria and objectives, and best fits the needs of the startup will be the one with the highest probability of being a match and one in which the accelerators will be more likely to accept the startup into the cohort.

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