Women Entrepreneurs Startup: Cast21

Cast21 products can be mass-manufactured and still custom adapt to a patient’s unique body shape without 3D printing, heating elements, or water. This makes our technology faster and easier to use while taking up less space. It can be applied in many more settings where those amenities may not be available.


Startup Accelerator Spotlight: UpRamp

The UpRamp Fiterator, backed by CableLabs, was designed to connect radical entrepreneurs to the most powerful network in the world. We look for established, later-stage startups that are changing how the world connects and guide them to finding product-market fit in the cable & broadband industry.

Kill Your Company

3 Ways to Kill your Company

There are many ways for a startup to fail. Some factors, like regulatory changes or input cost increases, are beyond the founder’s control. However, there are three significant actions that entrepreneurs are often guilty of that can kill your company as fast as anything.


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Mondays

No one can now ignore the fact that plastic is polluting our planet and damaging ecosystems. Yet few people know that the most commonly used brands of menstrual pads are 90% plastic, nor that the well-known brands of tampons are not 100% cotton, but contain rayon, polyester and polypropylene and as such are not biodegradable. Mondays is 100% plastic free.

Keep Your Focus on Operations, Not Taxes

There are many motives to start a business. In a market system at its simplest form, the purpose of a business is to make money. However, you must never forget your “raison d’être,” your company’s real reason for being.

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