buy-sell agreement

Buy-Sell Agreement – What, Why and How?

I am amazed at the number of privately held business partnerships that do not have a formal buy-sell agreement in place. This one is absolutely essential. When forming your business, you chose your partner; make sure you have some rights when it comes to who your partner will be as time goes on too.

Kill Your Company

3 Ways to Kill your Company

There are many ways for a startup to fail. Some factors, like regulatory changes or input cost increases, are beyond the founder’s control. However, there are three significant actions that entrepreneurs are often guilty of that can kill your company as fast as anything.

8 Ingredients for a Business Secret Sauce

Like a master chef preparing a sumptuous feast, every entrepreneur needs to know the right “ingredients” to make his or her business turn out just right.  Here are the 8 ingredients for a business secret sauce:

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