Why Startup Investors Hate Debt

Avoid the purgatory of being non-fundable. Find out the investor’s view and structure of their balance sheet in an “investor friendly” manner before submitting an executive summary to startup investors.

Real Time Risk Solutions

Business Startup Spotlight: Real Time Risk Solutions

Real Time Risk Solutions provides an end to end solution. We provide the knowledge base for the risk questions, a website that enables companies to configure field mobile apps and over 75 executive dashboards for them to analyze their risk across their own data points in real-time.

Concept Funding

Concept Stage Startups: Investor Due Diligence List

Concept stage startups are usually funded by entrepreneurs, family, friends and individual angels. An opportunity has presented itself to you, an idea for a scalable business you see clearly in your mind. How much is your idea worth?  It all depends on what you do with it.

Average and Marginal Cost

Understanding Average and Marginal Cost is Key

Average and Marginal costs are both important concepts. However, pricing your product according to these costs mechanisms can lead to dramatically different results. Understanding what this means for your business is critical to your success.

Corporate Venture Capital Building

What is Corporate Venture Capital?

The entrepreneur seeking investment from major corporations with investment arms should recognize there are many advantages to seeking and obtaining such investment. However, such investment should be sought with the entrepreneurs’ having a strong understanding of their startups objectives and opportunities, and the strategy and fit with the potential corporate partner.

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