Dilution: The Real Meaning of Funding Success

A principal goal in the life of a scalable startup company is getting external equity funding. The closing of a funding round is cause for celebration. However, founders are often left with a somewhat bitter-sweet taste when they realize what just happened.


Business Startup Spotlight: HERmixer

HERmixer makes enjoying flavorful adult beverages cheaper, while consuming less calories, and is ‘pocketable’ so it is easy to take in your pocket or purse. No cocktail mix on the market is this easy and common sense.


Business Startup Spotlight: Fathom

Fathom is about providing a new experience for people, allowing them to explore a world that was previously off-limits. Fathom is about enabling people to easily discover, record, and share an underwater world.


Business Startup Spotlight: Faraday Inc.

99% of Faraday’s competitors are based on changing the way the wine tastes, some are loosely based on science. Most are fake and people buy into it. Faraday’s method has been peer reviewed and is based on actual electro-chemical reactions stemming from electric field application. We are the first to use it as a commercial device.

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