Go Two Bag

Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Go Two Bag

Go Two Bag has indirect competition with the plastic bags designed for cleaning up after a dog. They are a very good idea, but as a dog owner, after I used one of those bags, I always thought, “Now what?” The Go Two Bag answers that question.


Startup Accelerator Spotlight: GIGTANK

CO.LAB is relaunching its GIGTANK accelerator program to bring together a cohort of six startups from the private sector. The program has researchers from the university setting that work with IoT, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Smart Cities, VR/AR, Big Data Analytics and E-Gaming technologies to apply a robust set of resources to scale projects.

Business Startup Spotlight: Pixo VR

Pixo VR is apart from its competitors by the team, technology and timing. They have a unique mix of skill sets that perfectly align with their goals, along with our mutual alignment on the mission.

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