Taste. Find Local Favorites.

Business Startup Spotlight: Taste. Find Local Favorites.

When you look at a review or star rating, you are gambling away your night, hoping that your decision will lead to a good experience. The problem is that you don’t know “the taste” of the person who left the review and the five-star rating system is broken. We have created a better way.

Partner Salary Agreement – 4 Questions to Mitigate Partnership Failure

Many founders don’t consider this one until it’s too late. The excitement and adrenaline of getting started leads to a “kumbaya atmosphere” where all things are equal. This spills over into salaries. Sooner or later, the amount of time, effort and energy expended by the partners is no longer equal, but their salaries are. Tensions begin to rise.


Business Startup Spotlight: Biofilcom

The Biofilcom technology has no sewerage line required, manage the fecal solids on-site, does not produce fecal solids but compost, takes seven or eight years to fill-up the tank, and sustain twenty years or more.

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