Business Spotlight Startup: Allstacks, Inc.

Allstacks solves the problem of friction between senior management and engineering management, where no one could satisfactorily answer the question of “how are things going?” We equip engineering leadership to answer that question in a quantitative, effective, and actionable way.


Business Startup Spotlight: AstroPrint

AstroPrint is one of the only companies focused on building a platform for the sub $5,000 3D printer market. The mission is to turn 3D printers into machines that are so simple to use that they can finally reach mass adoption.


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Tealet

Tealet is a sourcing platform that connects tea growers to wholesale tea buyers around the globe. We handle the marketing, logistics, and payments to make the efforts of direct trade more efficient and more transparent.


Business Startup Spotlight: Monikl, Inc.

Monikl is often called the dating website for finding a job. They match candidates to careers based on skills, personality, and workplace preferences.  Personality and workplace preferences create a happier employee, which creates much lower turnover and less training and re-training costs.

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