Women Entrepreneurs Register

Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurs Register is a curated listing spotlighting stories about women entrepreneurs and their startups.

The register includes interviews of women leading startups from around the globe. It is an evergreen catalogue we are maintaining for those interested in startups led by women entrepreneurs. This schedule, which includes each startup’s product / service offering, also includes links to the FundingSage interviews with the entrepreneur. Listings are in alphabetical order, with new additions on a continuing basis.


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: AssetRover

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Co-founder Interviewed: Jeri Frank – CEO

Other Key Management Team Members: Uriel Barillas – Co-founder & CTO

Product / Service Offering: Helps Make Real Estate Investing More Profitable


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Avrio Analytics

Location: Knoxville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Alicia Caputo, CEO

Other Key Management Team Members: Mik Bertolli, CSO (Chief Science Officer)

Product / Service Offering: AI Machine-learning Solutions for Companies


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: BattleMe

Location: Bryan, Texas

Co-founder Interviewed: Alena Patapava (CEO)

Other Key Management Team Members: John Earl Stewart (CMO), Dan Patapau(UX/UI), Dzmitry Bahdanovich (CTO)

Product / Service Offering: Makes a Recording Studio Accessible to Anyone with a Smartphone


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Escape Room Virginia Beach

Location: Virginia Beach, VAEscape Room

Co-founder Interviewed: Kristen Sill

Other Key Management Team Members: Xerxes Nabong

Product / Service Offering: Live Escape Room Experience, Team Building


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: EvaluadosEvaluados

Location: Argentina

Co-founder Interviewed: María Agustina Ibañez

Other Key Management Team Members: Alejandro Parise

Product / Service Offering: Web and mobile educational platform that leads teachers to follow-up on the learning of the classroom.


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Gateway2enterprise

Location: London/Manchester/Liverpool

Co-founder Interviewed: Karen Melonie Gould

Other Key Management Team Members: Steve Smith

Product / Service Offering: Alternative Business Finance Platform


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight:Girls with IdeasGirls with Ideas

Location: Iowa City, IA

Co-founder Interviewed: Allison Poss

Other Key Management Team Members: Britney Tracy, Angie Magazino, & Abbie Schneider

Product / Service Offering: Curriculums for Girls ages 9-13 to Help them Become Creative, Confident Leaders


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Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: iReportSource

Location: Loveland, Ohio

Co-founders Interviewed: Christi Brown

Other Key Management Team Members: Brad Brown, Erin Rosiello, Karl Weidner

Product / Service Offering: Safety Collaboration and Program Management


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: MediBookr.com

Location: Dallas, TX

Co-founder Interviewed: Sunny Nadolsky

Other Key Management Team Members: Rick Jackson, Peter Sispoidis

Product / Service Offering: Online Marketplace for Medical Imaging (MRI, CT scans, etc.)


Women Entrepreneur Spotlight: Micronic Technologies

Location: Wise, VAMicronic Technologies

Co-founder Interviewed: Karen Sorber

Other Key Management Team Members: Kelly Rock

Product / Service Offering: MicroDesal™ Water Cleaning Technology


Women Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mojo YogaMojo Yoga

Location: Maui, HI

Co-founder Interviewed: Jean Marie Johnson, CEO and Co-founder

Other Key Management Team Members: Bella Doty, CMO and Co-founder; Jen Fry, COO and Co-founder; Scott Johnson, CVO and Co-founder

Product / Service Offering: A Platform for Yoga Teachers


Women Entrepreneur Spotlight: MomSource Network

Location: Founded in Knoxville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Courtney Jones

Product / Service Offering: Professional Development, Networking and Flexible Employment


My Job StudioWomen Entrepreneur Spotlight: My Job Studio

Location: Mexico/Colombia/Chile

Co-founder Interviewed: Laura Angel

Product / Service Offering: Optimizes the recruiting and selection processes in companies from a month (standard time) to one day without putting the quality of the talents at risk.


 Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Optologix, Inc.

Location: Dallas, TX
Optologix, Inc.

Co-founder Interviewed: Dr. Laura Motta-Mena, PhD

Other Key Management Team Members: Prof. Kevin Gardner, PhD

Product / Service Offering: Light-activated Genetic Tools for use in Biomedical Research


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superhealos-logo-with-text-2Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: The Story of SuperHealos

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Co-founder Interviewed: Yuanyuan Yin

Other Key Management Team Members: Dylan Murphy, Kathryn Jones

Product / Service Offering:  “Products that make children facing medical challenges feel like superheroes,” including toys called Worry Eaters, coloring books, art supplies, and, of course, shiny superhero capes.


Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Utilize Health

Utilize HealthLocation: Nashville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Jessica Harthcock

Other Key Management Team Members: Adam Harthcock, Adel Elmessiry, Carrie Redmon

Product / Service Offering:  Utilize Health is a complex care coordination solution that focuses on creating a better healthcare experience for patients, increased revenue for providers, and a cost savings for payers.


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