Women Entrepreneurs Register

Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurs Register is a curated listing spotlighting stories about women entrepreneurs and their startups.

The register includes interviews of women leading startups from around the globe. It is an evergreen catalogue we are maintaining for those interested in startups led by women entrepreneurs. This schedule, which includes each startup’s product / service offering, also includes links to the FundingSage interviews with the entrepreneur. Listings are in alphabetical order, with new additions on a continuing basis.



Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

Co-founder Interviewed: Jeri Frank – CEO

Overview: It’s all about efficiency, automation, and simplicity. We share the same experiences that you do with limited time, wanting to get the best returns on our real estate investments, and wanting to learn more every day.



Aviatria Accelerators

Location: HQ – Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Market in Northeast Ohio

CEO/President Interviewed: Nancy Aichholz

Overview: Aviatra Accelerators exists to empower female entrepreneurs; we enable women to start and sustain businesses by giving them the resources they need to be successful. Through our expertise in business basics, guidance from mentors and coaches, and access to capital, we continuously encourage our members to move forward, and we embrace them when they return, helping to refuel and reignite their passions.



Avrio Analytics

Location: Knoxville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Alicia Caputo, CEO

Overview: Whether reaching the right customers more effectively through predictive marketing (e.g. predictive content placement), or increasing sales (e.g. predictive sales development), we increase ROI by boosting efficiency through sales-on-demand. We provide fully automated solutions with an over 95% confidence rating.



Location: Lima, Peru

Co-founder Interviewed: Adriana Cachay, CEO & Co-founder and Laerke Skyum, Co-founder

Overview: We want to convey a personal message using total transparency in our production chain. AYNI wants to prove to the fashion industry that we can make a difference doing an attractive, contemporary collection while still contributing to a responsible lifestyle by lowering environmental contamination.



Location: Bryan, Texas

Co-founder Interviewed: Alena Patapava (CEO)

Overview: In the past to record a track, people needed time in a studio, a producer and of course a beat. All of this costs money, until now… We offer in-app recording, distribution and streaming all on your phone. You can record a solo track, challenge someone to a rap battle, or join one of our many in-app Rap Tournaments.


Escape RoomEscape Room Virginia Beach

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Co-founder Interviewed: Kristen Sill

Overview: There’s a growing number of escape room enthusiasts that seek escape rooms to challenge their minds, often when traveling. We’re a great option for friends and family to enjoy an activity together. Our biggest impact seems to be with company team building events. Businesses use the escape room experience to build leaders, create synergy, observe employee interactions, improve communications, and to motivate their team prior to taking on large projects. A lot can happen when you put people to the test to escape a room within 60 minutes.


Etica LabEtica Lab

Location: Santiago, Chile (Latin America)

Co-founder Interviewed: Elena Lazareva, Co-Founder

Overview: Most people find legal documents boring and incomprehensible. Therefore, they rarely finish reading even the most important documents. I want to change that. We aim to help regular folks easily understand important nuances of such texts (compliance policies, manuals, codes etc).




Location: Argentina

Co-founder Interviewed: María Agustina Ibañez

Overview: We know that education is changing and teachers have to adapt and design new learning experiences. Another reality is that not all students assimilate concepts in the same way.  Evaluados is a tool that contributes to this change. It creates new stages of learning and transforms the cell phone into an ally for education.




Location: London/Manchester/Liverpool

Co-founder Interviewed: Karen Melonie Gould

Overview: Offering members financing options from their financial partners. They provide memberships, both complimentary and paid, based on whether the customer wishes to access their fundmybusiness tool to raise capital, run a PR Campaign or attend events such as their weekly Fintech Law V Finance Events in London at the Rock Star Hub, as well as other major events across the UK.


Girls with IdeasGirls with Ideas

Location: Iowa City, IA

Co-founder Interviewed: Allison Poss

Overview: Our curriculum fills a need to provide research-based lessons that are fun to help girls build creativity, confidence, and leadership skills by coming up with an idea and making it happen. Unlike other programs that just say “Girl you rock!” We actually teach girls ‘how to rock’! Because we believe that confidence truly comes from trying, doing, failing, and trying again.


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Location: Loveland, Ohio

Co-founders Interviewed: Christi Brown

Overview: With our app and safety collaboration platform, we are helping our clients achieve operational employee health and safety excellence so that employers can protect their number one asset – their employees.



Location: Dallas, TX

Co-founder Interviewed: Sunny Nadolsky

Other Key Management Team Members: Rick Jackson, Peter Sispoidis

Product / Service Offering: We help imaging centers to attract qualified patients, and help patients find the kind of imaging centers that suit their needs.


Micronic TechnologiesMicronic Technologies

Location: Wise, VA

Co-founder Interviewed: Karen Sorber

Overview: Water treatment costs for our customers is increasing and MicroDesalTM is cheaper than existing systems. At 1/10th the cost of distillation, it becomes viable to implement where not possible before. We recover 95% of the source water as clean water, producing a low volume highly concentrated waste stream that results in reduced disposal costs and valuable resource recovery potential.


Mojo YogaMojo Yoga

Location: Maui, HI

Co-founder Interviewed: Jean Marie Johnson, CEO and Co-founder

Overview: any quality teacher can create classes on their schedule for MOJO to share their teachings globally and earn recurring commissions on the memberships they sell to students every month. It’s like getting to teach a class once and earn recurring income on it indefinitely.


MomSourceMomSource Network

Location: Founded in Knoxville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Courtney Jones

Overview: MomSource Network is not a job board but rather a network.  We provide tools, training and resources to women that can help them stay engaged during a career break, return to work when they are ready or find flexible employment.  The other special thing about our Network is that we encourage members to interact with their peer group.


My Job StudioMy Job Studio

Location: Mexico/Colombia/Chile

Co-founder Interviewed: Laura Angel

Overview:My Job Studio looks to optimize the recruiting and selection processes in companies from a month (standard time) to one day without putting the quality of the talents at risk.


Optologix, Inc.

Optologix, Inc.

Location: Dallas, TX

Co-founder Interviewed: Dr. Laura Motta-Mena, PhD

Overview: We’ve developed a research tool that uses light as the signal to control genes inside of a cell. In contrast to drugs, light is a non-invasive and highly specific stimulus that can be easily applied to and removed from a cell. It’s as easy as turning on a light switch.


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Spiritually SoundScriptually Sound

Location: Nashville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Kimberly Lannear

Overview: Scripturally Sound is a web app that matches Bible verses to song lyrics in one simple search, making it easy for music ministers to find scripturally-based songs to support pastors’ sermons. The platform is a digital solution to an ever-increasing tech-savvy demographic that includes believers.



The Story of SuperHealos

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Co-founder Interviewed: Yuanyuan Yin

Other Key Management Team Members: Dylan Murphy, Kathryn Jones

Product / Service Offering:  “Products that make children facing medical challenges feel like superheroes,” including toys called Worry Eaters, coloring books, art supplies, and, of course, shiny superhero capes.


Trigger SystemsTrigger.Systems

Location: Portugal and Chile

Co-founder Interviewed: Sara Gonçalves (COO)

Product / Service Offering: We provide water and energy savings by automatically recommending and updating irrigation plans based on weather forecasts and intelligence models. In the same platform it is possible to control every device of the system. Not only irrigation, but also fertilization, pumps, tanks and others devices. It is also possible to manage the tasks of the workers, manage equipment routes as well as stock management.

Utilize Health

Utilize Health

Location: Nashville, TN

Co-founder Interviewed: Jessica Harthcock

Overview:  Utilize Health is a complex care coordination solution that focuses on creating a better healthcare experience for patients, increased revenue for providers, and a cost savings for payers.


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