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How to Kill a Mockingbird!

How to kill a mockingbird? The best way to kill a mockingbird is to keep your sights set on the goals and dreams that drove you to create your startup. The fact that your company’s mockingbird exists at all is proof that you are onto something.

How to Launch Your Startup

Where and how to launch your startup online

You’re startup is ready. You’ve put in all the work to get your startup to where it is today. The MVP product is in order, your website is designed, and you are ready to launch your startup and get the word out. But how?


7 Tips for Increasing Productivity through Better Self-Care

As you probably know all too well by now, the life of an entrepreneur is a breathless whirlwind of back-to-back meetings, backlogged to-do lists, endless cups of coffee, and long nights spent staring at a computer screen. With all that you have going on during the early stages of running your own business, you run the risk of neglecting the single most important asset you have at your disposal: yourself!