A legal structure, preferred by investors and many entrepreneurs of startup companies seeking funding.  Like Limited Liability Companies, (LLCs) and S-Corporations, C-Corporations protect shareholders from liability in the event of a legal issue or bankruptcy.  Unlike LLCs and S-Corporations, C-Corporations may not make an election to pass corporate income, deductions and losses to shareholders for federal tax purposes.  However, C-Corporations have no limits on the number of shareholders which may own their shares. Entrepreneurs and investors typically prefer that their startup’s C-Corporation be registered  in Delaware.  However, Nevada and Wyoming are becoming increasingly popular.   Additionally, many entrepreneurs chose to register as a C-corporation in their own state.6

Tony Lettich

Tony Lettich has previous corporate venture capital experience and currently serves as Managing Director of The Angel Roundtable. He is a co-founder of FundingSage, which provides valuable information, tools and resources to entrepreneurs seeking to start, grow and fund a business.