Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Spotlight: Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA ranks number 8 in the country as a top city for startups.

Augusta scores high as a result of it’s affordable real estate, low corporate taxes and low average incomes. Augusta, the center of the CSRA or Central Savannah River Area, being well known for the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, is developing a strong entrepreneurial reputation. Based on an April, 2015 ranking by WalletHub, a personal-finance social network, Augusta ranks number 8 in the country as a top city for startups.
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Based on this ranking, FundingSage has reviewed the resources that make up Augusta and the “Garden City” entrepreneurial ecosystem:

Entrepreneurial Meetups:

  1. Achievers of Augusta
    Its purpose “to help those in the CSRA take the first, second, and third steps in order to ACHIEVE their goals!” It is comprised of entrepreneurs and innovative professionals who enjoy communicating ideas, providing advice and collaborating with professionals across all sectors.
  2. Aiken Techies for Renewable Energy & Sustainability
    A group of entrepreneurs and investors interested in business and technology that have the desire to discuss, develop and promote ideas, products and systems to foster the implementation of renewable energy and other sustainable technologies.
  3. A.M. Business Connections
    A meetup group established to discuss member professions and their businesses.
  4. Hack Augusta
    A community devoted to innovation through the promotion of the Augusta region’s hacker culture. Its members are developers, designers, engineers and entrepreneurs working to define solutions and have fun whilst collaborating to create technological, economic and cultural renewal.
  5. Crowdfund Augusta
    Group of area business people who discuss community endeavors in an effort to support growth.
  6. Inspiring Change Network Augusta Chapter
    Membership from across the economic spectrum who are seeking opportunities to grow and develop their skills, to break through “to the next level of success”.
  7. Sa*lon: Music/Art/Ideas/Conversation
    Meetup where art meets commerce, ingenuity, development and social change.
  8. Successful Women’s Mastermind Association (SWMA) Aiken
    Made up of women business owners seeking to run the business of their dreams. It offers monthly networking inspiration and support.
  9. W.H.O.W. (Women Helping Other Women)
    An organization created to assist women in their networking efforts and enable the sharing of talents with each other.

Regular Entrepreneurial Events:

Startup Competitions:

Co-working Space:

    Privately funded community incubator with a focus on knowledge, creativity and implementation. It is their belief that the power of business can impact the community in positive ways. Their offerings include co-working space.


  • Augusta-Richmond County Small Business Incubator
    Small business incubator for entrepreneurs starting service, manufacturing or research businesses in the Augusta area.
    Privately funded community incubator with a focus on knowledge, creativity and implementation. It is their belief that the power of business can impact the community in positive ways.
  • Life Sciences Business Development Center
    Biobusiness incubator located at the Augusta University Life Sciences Business Development Center. It operates a “full spectrum of amenities that faculty, staff and student researchers require to commercialize technologies that can change lives.”


  • Startup Augusta
    “help support businesses at all levels of development, from notes on a napkin through funding rounds.” They describe themselves as “the primary hub for the startup community in Augusta, Ga and surrounding areas.”

Angel Groups / VCs:

  • Augusta Angel Investors
    Founded in 2014 to fund startups and small businesses in the Augusta area to drive economic growth.
  • Central Savannah River Angels
    The South Carolina Angel Network affiliate in the CSRA area.
  • South Carolina Angel Network
    An affiliation of various angel groups from South Carolina and Western North Carolina who work together to support early stage companies from around the region.

Entrepreneurial Newsletter Coverage:

  • InnoVenture
    Promotes the progress of regional entrepreneurial companies though their weekly “SwampFox” newsletter.
  • Southern Alpha
    An online news property which shares the storylines of southern startups with the objective of providing the startup and technology communities news and information related to their respective ecosystems.

Are you familiar with entrepreneurial ecosystem infrastructure in Augusta not included in the article above?  If so, let us know via a comment below and we will add it to the article. 

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