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The Women Entrepreneurs Register is a curated listing spotlighting stories about women entrepreneurs and their startups.  The register includes interviews of women leading startups from around the globe. It is an evergreen catalogue we are maintaining for those interested in startups led by women entrepreneurs. This schedule, which includes each startup’s product / service offering, also includes links to the FundingSage interviews with the entrepreneur and the company’s home page.  It was initially published on January 5, 2017 and is updated with new additions on a continuing basis.

Escapre Room

Women Entrepreneurs Spotlight: Escape Room Virginia Beach

Photo Courtesy of Escape Room Virginia Beach

Escape Room’s biggest impact seems to be with company team building events. Businesses use the escape room experience to build leaders, create synergy, observe employee interactions, improve communications, and to motivate their team prior to taking on large projects. A lot can happen when you put people to the test to escape a room within 60 minutes.