Business Startup Spotlight: MyStrengthBook

MyStrengthBook CEO Avi Silverberg shares comments on the startup’s approach:

From planning to execution, we are highly detailed in everything that we do.  We try and think about the 2% of things that most people are not willing to do, and we spend the extra time, resources, or money making sure that the 2% is covered.


Business Startup Spotlight: RealtyReturns

I truly believe that everyone in the world should be able to invest in this secure asset class, not just the wealthy elite. I started RealtyReturns for this exact reason, to democratize real estate and allow everyone in the world to invest.


Business Startup Spotlight: Arqlite SPC

Arqlite rock, is an artificial stone made from different types of plastic waste and offers great technical properties, such as being three times lighter and ten times better insulation than rocks, at a competitive price.

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