Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Register

The Women Entrepreneurs Register is a curated listing spotlighting stories about women entrepreneurs and their startups.  The register includes interviews of women leading startups from around the globe. It is an evergreen catalogue we are maintaining for those interested in startups led by women entrepreneurs. This schedule, which includes each startup’s product / service offering, also includes links to the FundingSage interviews with the entrepreneur and the company’s home page.  It was initially published on January 5, 2017 and is updated with new additions on a continuing basis.


Business Startup Spotlight: Garage

Garage Founder Abraham de la Rosa discusses his company’s customer and building trust:

One of the biggest challenges we are still trying to overcome is trust. Customers do not trust car repair shops or an online service like this. With hard work and customer care, Garage will succeed.

Mitigate Startup Risks

8 Types of Insurance to Mitigate Startup Risks

All companies face risks. Startups are no exception. As the entrepreneur considers seeking financing from third parties, it is important that they recognize that once such financing is obtained, the business no longer exposes only the personal resources they have invested at risk, but also that of their outside investors. These investors will expect that the entrepreneur act in a prudent manner to mitigate startup risks.


Business Startup Spotlight: InfiSecure Technologies

InfiSecure Co-founder Abhilash Pandey discusses the company’s product development approach:

We decided to release a minimalistic product in beta, and then started building on top of the base beta product. We are happy that we took this approach; it also helped us get more customer insights which shaped the way forward.

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